Join Edward Club is one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not only I have made the huge return on my investment, but also the teammate I met, they are the kindest, brightest and smartest people I have ever met.


My life was never the same after I joined the Edward Club. I was an office assistant in a finance company before I join the Edward Club, I was earning a minimal salary with overwhelmed work and tons of pressure every day. I didn't have enough time for my kids and family at all. After I join the Edward Club, I finally can spend more time with my kids and take care my family. Calling my customers, scheduling the meeting on my time schedule, life was never easier for me. Regarding the sales part, it was easy since these products basically sell themselves.


Thanks to Edward Club, now I own my business. Every day I meet new customers, get to know them. My career is growing faster than ever before.