I have allergic rhinitis. I am very sensitive to allergens in the air. When it is spring, summer season or windy days, I am stuck with a stuffy nose, and red itchy watery eyes. After I start using the Lung Cleanse, my symptoms are reduced significantly. I can easily breathe and finally enjoy my life again. Thank you Edward Club!


I am a small business owner with 3 kids. Managing the staffs and taking care my family requires a lot of time, hence I am always in rush. After a period of time, I was moody and anxious according to my husband. On one occasion 6 months ago, I was introduced to this awesome product: Stress Less. I decided to give it a try. I have been using Stress Less ever since. Now, I feel much more relaxed and full of energy. Thanks to Edward Club for this amazing product.

Xue Ming Wang

As a fresh graduate, many of my classmates decided to become an employee. But I decide to join Edward Club and start my own business. Now I have flexible work hours, I can schedule the client meeting on my terms. Sometimes I am very busy, but it also means high income for myself. When it is less busy, I always treat myself with a vacation. I have joined Edward Club over a year now, I really like it.


When I bought these amazing products for my family and friends, They all loved it. Just like many other people, I don't have any issues with selling these products. After a few customer service calls, my customers are buying the products regularly. They are basically chasing me for more products. Thanks to Edward Club.


I am my own Boss, I work for myself, and I have the flexibility to work where, when, and how I like. Thanks to Edward Club, I started my business with very low investment without any experience in direct sales and start earning from day 1. Thanks to Edward Club again!