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At present, elderly over the age of 60 forms more than 10% of the total population. This proportion has caused population imbalance and the rate of chronic diseases shows very high. It is based on this statistic that the Edward Club health mobile phone came into being. So Edward Club health mobile phone can be called dedicated to their loved ones.

Edward Club's "Healthy Phone" is committed to building a cloud health service platform through mobile phones and wearable smart hardware, integrating high-quality online health and medical service resources and creating a healthy ecosystem. The focus is on providing the elderly population health services. The healthy mobile phone uses large fonts, large icon design, to ensure that clear and the eyes are not tired.

Guo Jihong, a professor at the Beijing University People's Hospital and chairman of the Chinese Society of Cardiology, pointed out that two-thirds of the sudden death occurs not due to cardiovascular disease, but due to sudden cardiac death. It is due to the excessive excitement of the human body environment and the sympathetic nervous instability. Sympathetic nervous instability provides two indicators, the changes in heart rate and blood pressure. By monitoring these two indicators, we can directly understand the stability of people in a variety of circumstances, so as to control the stability of the internal environment for prevention of sudden cardiac death. Healthy phones are important for people with cardiovascular disease, and even for those without cardiovascular disease, as they will be helpful to monitor their own environment.

In addition, the "health steward" function is the combination of intelligent wear equipment (such as cardiac meter, smart blood pressure meter, etc.), real-time measurement and recording of human health data, and through remote data monitoring and analysis by professional doctors to achieve their own health status management. At the same time, the "Healthy Mobile Phone" platform will help users to develop long-term health management solutions by monitoring the health status of users, understanding the user's physical condition, and pushing targeted health knowledge and expert lectures.

With the health of people become an increasingly important topic, it is bound to affect the future development trends of electronic products. Edward Club is ahead of the curve in its approach towards healthcare and in the field of advancement of technology and development. It is carving its own space in the future of intelligent health market opportunities!