About Edward

Adhering to the mission “Technology Improves Health”, Edward Club is committed to applying modern high-technology to increase the overall health standard of people. We are an enterprise that uses life science technology as a core to develop bio-health supplements and health technology.

Edward Club has a state of the art technology research and development centers and a cutting-edge biotechnology research and development team, to create world-class products. The company has emerged as a high-tech e-commerce operating platform combining product research and development, production and sales. Edward Club is committed to discovering the next generation of health products.

With its global philosophy of respecting the earth, people and society and a global tenet of "consumer investment, health and wealth" and the eternal spirit of innovation, Edward Club has achieved rapid growth since its inception. Edward Club not only focuses on development but also strives for the benefit of the community contributing to wealth, strength and spiritual growth.

Edward Club has achievements and social recognition and will continue to maintain sound and pragmatic management style. It will continue to always venture courageously to become not just the best in North America but become an influential global enterprise. The  Group has made the most comprehensive preparation for the future and is geared to meet the numerous changes and challenges. The company has entered e-commerce market with confidence through the joint efforts of all staff thus the dream of becoming a market leader will eventually become a reality. Let us join hands together to achieve freedom of time, freedom of wealth, freedom of dream and struggle. Edward Club welcomes you to join our vision of future!

Why Edward Club?


Earn and build a real business of your own with a low investment and start earning from day 1


Get trained on developing your professional skills & network with others like you to grow your business


Transform yourself by improving your health mentally and physically and enjoy a long and healthy life